April 27, 2009

A Visit to Tim's Nursery

No visit to Abigail would be complete without a trip to Tim's Nursery.

Nestled in the rolling hills outside Martinez, it's a very long drive down a winding country lane, past several very muddy horse pastures, a house with an amazing array of faded plastic flowers in front, and finally - this sign:

The nursery is flanked on one side by a truly amazing border, packed full of flowering trees, overgrown shrubs and tangled perennials.

The nursery itself is a complete jumble - and everything looks like it's been there forever: all the plants are rooted firmly into the mud.

With cries of delight we search through the tumble down shade house at the back of the nursery - hostas and astilbe and ferns are strewn around, pots splitting open, self seeding annuals everywhere. I unearth a perfectly gorgeous weigela in a 5 gallon can - for $12.00.

On this visit, I finally meet the mysterious Tim. When he hears that I've driven up from Santa Barbara he is silent, smoke from his cigarette curling up around his face. He finally says: (with absolutely no inflection) "That's a long way to come."

The very sweet Mario helps us load everything carefully into the car: trunk, backseat, floors - he tucks them in as tenderly as one would a sleeping baby.


Diana Hunt said...

A quirky place! What's a weigela and what are you going to do with it?

Chloe Marguerite said...


A very quirky place! A weigela is a slow growing shrub that they don't seem to sell in Santa Barbara.

What will I do with it? Wedge it into my over-populated garden, somehow.

Chloe M.

Karen said...

Hilarious! Martinez is such a trip, a lot of marginal stuff going on there. Glad you found a deal! I have been eyeing weigelas, never heard of them until this year and now I keep seeing pics of lovely ones. Guess they are coming back around. Love that sign - wonder what kind of "help" they offer? Maybe it's better not to know. :)

Chloe Marguerite said...


That's pretty funny!

It does seem a bit 'marginal', but the plants are really pretty cool. And you can't beat the prices!

Weigela is a fantastic shrub - somewhat 'old fashioned' but I love it.

Chloe M.

Gail said...

I love this nursery...it sound like they might be related to the guys I get plants from! The jumble, the mess the plants growing into the mud...doesn't both me at all...it;s like a junk store. I am in plant heaven looking for finds! Wiegela would look good in a container;) gail

Chloe Marguerite said...


Thanks for stopping by Garden Grit!

It's really fun to see what turns up in a place like that - but beware the mis-labled plants. This visit - a lovely hebe had a 'watsonia' tag in it. I had to laugh....

Chloe M.

Frances said...

Oh Chloe, what a delightful place, and such a character for an owner! Love the help sign too. Plants bursting pots would cause me to squeal in delight too. I am sure you got some fabulous bargains! :-)