May 12, 2009

May Bloom Day (Early)

I work with numbers. All day. Financial statements, cash flow analysis, complex, multi-page spreadsheets. There is something intensely soothing, satisfying, about numbers and how they all tie so beautifully together.

But at the end of the day, there is joy too, in the tumbled, messy glory of the garden at this time of year.

Breadseed poppy. Grown in partial shade, the color is softer, the flower more delicate than usual.

An unknown Austin rose. Planted several years ago, it is just now hitting it's stride, it's long arching canes covered with buds.

Digitalis 'foxy'.

Pat Austin - one of my favorites!


Karen said...

Oh man, those purples and then the glowing sunset rose at the end - I'm dying here! So lovely. I tried seeding that poppy but don't think it came up, I kept forgetting to keep the seedbed moist, oops. Maybe my blog buddy who shared her seeds will let me try again next year. I want them almost more to make poppy seed bread with!

Ruth@VS said...

Wonderful pictures, so inspiring! Wish I felt the same about my sales figures for April - still, your pictures cheered me up. Thanks.

Chloe Marguerite said...


Thank you! I was lucky to get these poppies as tiny seedlings - I've tried many times to grow them from seed and they just don't germinate. (And I have the same problem, forgetting to keep them moist)

Chloe M.

Chloe Marguerite said...


Thanks for stopping by Garden Grit - it's always a real pleasure to 'meet' other garden bloggers and get a peek into their gardens.

Chloe M.

chuck b. said...

Nice stuff! That poppy with the yellow center is a show-stopper! Wish I had room for more roses.

Chloe Marguerite said...


Next year I'm going to cover the garden with those poppies!

Chloe M.

Town Mouse said...

Happy bloom day! Love the digitalis, I have some too and they reseeded, now they're showing up in unexpect places. I'm glad I picked white, that way, it doesn't ruin my color scheme ;->

Jean said...

Your photos and your flowers are wonderful as usual Chloe. You especially have a way with roses!

Chloe Marguerite said...

Town Mouse,

Thanks for stopping by Garden Grit! I'd love to have my Digitalis re-seed, unfortunately I usually yank it before it sets the seed. (My compulsive tidying)

Maybe this year I can control myself....:)

Chloe Marguerite said...


Thank you! Roses are such a joy in the garden. Because I live so close to the ocean (right on the edge of the fog belt) I find I have the best luck with the newer Austin roses.

Chloe M.